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Are you a part of our family?

We say that we can ‘choose’. Yet, what are our choices, truly? We have placed ‘greed’ over ‘need’ and become insatiable consumption machines. We eat what they tell us to eat. We drive the planet-killing wagons they give us and get enslaved under the jobs they ‘offer’. Individual identities get lost in this spiral of repetitive, redundant compulsive living. Aren’t we all the same, consumeristic parasites that make the Earth toxic? We are all part of the same family, just like an army of conditioned soldiers. So fake, so plastic. We are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.

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Diaries of a Mummy

Diaries of a Mummy

Mummies, because a physical presence is the only idea that defines us anymore. It is our collective intellect that has doomed the planet the way it is today. Unabashedly, how many of us truly care about it on an individual level? We believe that it is beyond our responsibility to take charge for our collective actions. Ironically, we do not realise that in doing so, we are already losing our individual identities along the path of ignorance. There is nothing mindful about us anymore- most of us have already been engulfed by the plastic syndrome.

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The Winter after Humans

This series has been presented to make us think about what will be the aftermath of our current expansion and urbanisation activities.


At the pace that we are currently, when we will have no air left to breathe, no food left to eat and no water left to drink, we will only leave behind structures to gawk at.

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