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Hello, I'm Neelakshi.

Neelakshi Yadav is an award winning London-based filmmaker specialising in documentaries, shorts and fashion films. Her first documentary, ‘Life Is A Highway’ won the 'Best Documentary Award' at the BFI Future Film Festival 2021 and was nominated for the 'Best International Feature'. She wrote, director, shot and edited it.


A versatile director and producer with a relentless passion for visual storytelling, her start was in fashion photography in New Delhi following her bachelors, with her work being published in international magazines such as Ellements based in New York, Mob Journal based in Montreal and Kaltblut based in Berlin.


It didn’t take long for her discover her passion for filmmaking, having gradually shifted from producing fashion films to creating commercials and documentaries. She ran her own production house in Delphi, managing all aspects of production - from pre and development to post-production.


With a profound appreciation for the nuances of visual arts, she has immersed myself in every facet of filmmaking that could be explored. Currently, she is working on her first feature documentary while also working in the feature films sector.

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