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Concrete Jungles

I look out the vast cityscape

I wonder why the sky looks grey near the horizon.

An eagle glazes past and sits on the wall beside me

The air up there must be poison.

All the nicely laid-out buildings, yet they don’t appeal to me

I’d rather prefer the asymmetric canopy of a tree.

With all the security systems in my house and all the officers on the streets,

I can’t help but highlight my mind’s dense insecurities.

As dense as the lifeless grey repugnancy around me

When did the world become so dystopian? When did we resolve to languid mediocrity?

We forgot about our children and the seven generations yet to be seen.

I wonder if they’ll ever see a natural shade of green.

We live in a liberal country.

Yet, our lungs and stomachs are chained.

To think that ‘clean air’ is sold in cans,

While we inhale away excreta of factories.

Our structures are built on stolen lands

Yet we deprive the very beings who owned them.

Concrete jungles separate us from our insides,

And our origins. A colony of solely humans, secluded.

We go on, living our consumerist lives

Based on the whims of our minds and materialistic ties.

We covet a way out, albeit we struggle to see

That now WE have become the tribe, supporting this gentry.

In this concrete jungle,

Where will we get our food and oxygen from?

Living within a four-walled mausoleum

We won’t drink water and we won’t breathe air.

We’ll only live reside. We won’t even live.

Cover Image clicked by Neelakshi Yadav; Subject: Original Artwork 'Cityscape' by Praveen Kumar

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