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WALKING ON THE LINES - Comparative Review of VISUAL STRATEGIES used by world-famous photographers

They say that the truth is bitter. It is difficult to digest because more often than not, the truth is something we don’t expect. It strikes us because it shows us a mirror. Because it is so powerful, most of us turn our eyes away when we come across something gruesome. To speak the truth is therefore an art. To give out information that would otherwise seem disturbing in a way that the viewers get sucked into it is a talent. It requires a deep insight into the minds of the audience and with the right artistic approach, the message comes across in a beautiful way. How do artists accomplish this? This report looks at the different ways in which these motives are achieved through photography. The works of a few photographers will be carefully looked at to derive information about their artistic approach and their visual strategies. My own personal work will also be looked at to examine how I have learnt and applied these principles of aesthetics to my ongoing photographic project on the topic ‘Humanity as a problem - mindless consumption.’

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